Our Faith
Developing Leaders with Values
Hawaii Catholic Schools honors our faith-based values by demonstrating them to our students, faculty and community. Jesus and his message are an integral part of the educational experience at all of our Catholic schools.
Our values of faith, integrity and scholarship are prominent and part of our school culture. We talk openly about these values and spend time each day giving children an opportunity to learn, share and understand the consequences of good and bad behaviors.
We acknowledge that not everyone shares the same faith, but our mission is to profess that we believe in Jesus Christ and give witness to Him. We want each child to grow up to be a good and compassionate person that has a sense of community.

Christ-Centered Environment
Hawaii Catholic Schools is a community of faith where our learning, leadership, citizenship and sportsmanship are Christ-centered. Christian values are prominent and all students learn about the Catholic faith. All students are expected to:
  • Attend regular school Masses
  • Participate in class prayers
  • Enroll in religion classes
  • Experience class retreats
  • Join in preparation of sacraments (students who are not Catholic do not receive sacraments)

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