2018 Summer School & Programs for Students

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(listed alphabetically by school followed with links to flyers or school’s website)

HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC ACADEMY Summer Program for Early Learning Center

MARY, STAR OF THE SEA SCHOOL Summer School for grades 1-8

MARYKNOLL SCHOOL Summer Program for grades K-12

OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL  Summer Program for grades K-8

SACRED HEARTS ACADEMY Summer Program for grades Junior Kindergarten-12

ST. ANTHONY KAILUA  Summer School for grades Pre-Kindergarten to 8

ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL  Summer School for Elementary      Summer School for Middle School and High School

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST Summer School for grades Pre-Kindergarten to 8

ST. LOUIS SCHOOL Summer Classes and Program for grades K-12

ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL Summer Programs for grades Preschool-8    2018 Schedule

ST. PATRICK SCHOOL Summer Quest for Kidz

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