2019 Annual Conference for Catholic School Educators

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Oahu ACCE 2019


“It’s not just joking around…!!!”

      Featuring nationally known speaker and anti-bullying expert and advocate,

Ms. Jodee Blanco

February 1, 2019
St. Ann Church
46-129 Haiku Rd., Kaneohe
8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

This year, in partnership with a grant from the Augustine Educational Foundation, we are able to welcome nationally known anti-bullying expert and advocate, Jodee Blanco. Visit her website for more info: JodeeBlanco.com.

As schools that reflect God’s love for us, Jodee’s message is essential in our modern, polarized society. This training will be suitable for all HCS personnel who interact with students grades PreK-12*.  Her training will be in three parts:

  1. Jodee relives painful episodes from her past allowing the audience to experience on a visceral level what she endured at the hands of her peers.
  2. What you should never say to a bullied child and why; what you should say and do; how the bully and the victim are flip-sides of the same coin and how to identify and assist both;
  3. Provides specific strategies on how to handle the irate, unreasonable parent who storms into the office, frustrated and unwilling to listen, and begins bullying the school.

Please note the following changes for this year’s event:

  • PLACE:  St. Ann Church, Kaneohe
  • TIME:  The day will last until 2:30pm to accommodate the training
  • BREAK & REFRESHMENTS: Refreshments will be more “substantive” finger foods to sustain everyone until the later dismissal.
  • Because our event is on the First Friday of the month, the chapel will NOT be available for seating as they will have Eucharistic Adoration going concurrently – no one will be allowed in the vestibule as the noise carries right into the chapel.
  • Parking is limited and car-pooling or riding a bus is recommended.
  • *We will provide Certificates of Participation to the Preschools to meet their DSSH licensure requirements

For more information on the day’s arrangements, inquire with your school’s head administrator.  The HCS office would like to thank, in advance, this year’s planning committee of Brandy Sato (Sacred Hearts Academy), Michael Pa’ekukui (St. Louis), and Chantelle Luarca (Our Lady of Good Counsel) as well as the St. Ann Parish and School community for their support of this event!!

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8:30 am St. Ann Church Mass | Presider & Homilist, The Most Reverend Bishop Larry Silva
9:40 am St. Ann Church Welcome & Awards Presentation | Superintendent Michael Rockers, EdD.
10:00 am Food Court Break | Refreshments (please do not bring food/drinks back to church)
10:45 am – 2:30 pm (includes breaks) St. Ann Church “It’s not just joking around…” | Jodee Blanco, Anti-bullying Activist & Expert

HCS is delighted that 6 schools statewide will also be hosting Jodee Blanco for a follow up visit. Two schools have opened up their presentations to the public, St. Ann School (#247-3092) and Holy Family Catholic Academy (#423-9611). Contact the respective schools for more information.

• Monday, February 4 – St. Catherine, Kauai
• Tuesday, February 5 – St. Ann (Parent Session at 6:30p in the church)
• Wednesday, February 6 – Our Lady of Good Counsel
• Thursday, February 7 – St. John the Baptist
• Friday, February 8 – Holy Family Catholic Academy (6pm)
• Monday, February 11 – Sacred Hearts, Maui

Thanks so much for everyone who has helped to make this event possible including the Augustine Educational Foundation for their generous grant that is subsidizing travel to the neighbor islands.



The celebration of National Catholic Schools Week culminates with professional development workshops hosted by the Hawaii Catholic Schools Office. The Annual Conference for Catholic School Educators begins with a morning Mass that includes recognition and awards given for those celebrating milestone years of service with Hawaii Catholic Schools. This year’s honorees were:


Gaston Gosselin, Damien Memorial School

“Affectionately known as “Mr. G”, Gaston began his 40 year career at St. Louis School in 1976. He has also been at St. Patrick’s, Maryknoll, and St. Theresa. He is presently teaching 9th grade Religion at Damien Memorial School, and is a co-founder of the Catholic School League. Mr. G is known by his Damien community for his unwavering compassion for his students and all of those in need of emotional, financial, and academic support. Mr. G is a staple at all of Damien’s sporting events and has coached our intermediate basketball team for four years. A jack of all trades, Mr. G is known for taking on projects around campus purely out of the goodness of his heart. His presence and positive energy is invaluable to the Damien community.”

Charlene Martin, Maryknoll School

“Charlene Martin is currently the longest employee at Maryknoll School.  She presently teaches World and U.S. History.  In her career, she has taught math, served as chair of the Social Studies Department, advised the dance committee, and presently serves as the sophomore division coordinator, advises the Korean Club, and assists with the Academic Hawaii competition.  Maryknoll is fortunate to have a dedicated staff member who lives the school motto, “Noblesse Oblige”.”


Heidi McGivern, Maryknoll School

“Proud to serve in Hawaii Catholic Schools, Heidi currently teaches English 9 and 12 on the High School Campus. She began her teaching career at Our Lady of Good Counsel, then joined Maryknoll where she has taught every grade from 6 – 12.  Honored as Middle School Teacher of the Year and NAIS’ Teacher of the Future, Heidi has a Master’s degree in Middle Level Education.   Actively involved in coaching all sports, she presently serves as Maryknoll’s Track Shot-put and discus coach.”

Shana Tong, Maryknoll School

“Shana is proud member of the Maryknoll Community and a graduate of the class of 1983.  She has served Hawaii Catholic Schools for 28 years at Maryknoll School, a year each at Sacred Hearts Academy and Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina.  Shana has served as a teacher (grades 1-8) and an administrator.  She is currently the Vice President of Academics.  A strong sense of community is what Shana values most about Maryknoll.”



Carla Castro, St. Ann Early Learning Center

“Joining St. Ann School in 1997, Carla Castro serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Early Learning Center.  The school appreciates her welcoming and pleasant voice to those that call for assistance or inquire about our school.  Her family values a Catholic education and she says she is happy to be an employee of St. Ann School where she is able to practice her faith every day!”

Jeff Chang, Maryknoll School

“Jeff is an alumnus of Maryknoll from the class of `94.  His 20 years of service has been solely at Maryknoll School.  Jeff taught 10 years in 4th grade, 7 years in 6th grade, and is currently an 8th grade science teacher. Jeff continues to live Noblesse Oblige, Maryknoll’s motto, “To those that much has been given, much is expected.”

Michele Guarino, Holy Family Catholic Academy

“Michele has been a dedicated member of the HFCA community for 21 years.  Always up to any challenge with a smile on her face, Michele has worn many hats as a K-8 teacher.   She is the voice of our HFCA carpool lane and her cheerful spirit fills the halls and hearts of our HFCA community.  Congratulations, Michele, on your years of dedication to Holy Family Catholic Academy. ”

Mardi LaPrade, Maryknoll School

“Mardi feels blessed to be an elementary teacher at Maryknoll, serving as a science specialist.  She is presently on Maryknoll’s second grade team.  She shares her love of science with her students during Maryknoll’s Noblesse Oblige community service days. Under her leadership, students, parents and teachers worked to restore the Keawawa Wetland, a native habitat for endangered plants & animals.  Mardi says, “Mahalo Maryknoll.””

Brent Limos, Damien Memorial School

“During his 20 years at Damien, Brent Limos served as a math teacher, campus minister and currently as admissions director. He is the only person to receive both the Viriliter Age award as a student and the de Veuster award as an adult. Mr. Limos’ outstanding work is a testament to Damien’s most treasured values.”

James Morris, Maryknoll School

“James Morris is the Director of Technology for Maryknoll School.  As such, he handles everything concerned with Information Technology, from working with vendors to networking infrastructure support to designing and leading technology initiatives for the school.  A 13 year alumnus of Maryknoll School, he graduated from Chaminade University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, with an Emphasis in Science and Technology.”

Toni Nishida, Maryknoll School

“Toni is a proud member of the Maryknoll Community.  Her service to Hawaii Catholic Schools is represented by 20 years at Maryknoll School.  Toni taught physics at the high school, served as Dean of Students of the high school division, coached all levels of girls’ volleyball, and in her current position teaches science and religion in the middle school.”

Brother Liam Nolan CFC, Damien Memorial School

“When Br. Nolan joined Damien in 1998 as a chemistry instructor, he was so excited to teach that some may not have understood his Irish accent. But he ensured his students’ success by helping them during and after class. Later, Br. Nolan continued to help as a counselor. He’s a great colleague. He truly lives up to the word “Brother.””

Lynda Paishon, Holy Family Catholic Academy

“Lynda Paishon, Holy Family’s K-8 Music teacher shares her love of music and hula, evidenced in her students’ smiling faces and joyful voices!  She developed the Hawaiian Music Appreciation Program in which students value our Hawaiian culture through playing the ukulele.  She is the creative inspiration for the annual Winter Musical and May Day Programs.  Thank you, Lynda, for your dedicated years of service to HFCA.”

Nerissa Ramos, St. Philomena Early Learning Center

“Self-less and hardworking, Nerissa has been an extremely dedicated teacher at St. Philomena ELC.  Hired as an aide 20 years ago, her commitment and love for children is evident in the fact that she is now the Afternoon Head Teacher.  The school really appreciates the way she is a role-model of God’s caring and generosity.”

Jill Sprott, Sacred Hearts Academy

“Jill began her teaching career at Our Lady of Sorrows and then at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. Jill now teaches English at Sacred Hearts Academy. She credits her commitment to Catholic education to the influence of two ardent advocates and mentors, Sr. Davilyn Ah Chick and Ms. Betty White.”

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