2022 Annual Conference for Catholic School Educators

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The Hawaii Catholic Schools ACCE offers a plethora of breakout sessions for everyone to choose from.  Click HERE to view the day’s agenda.

Please sign up for the session that is most appealing to you! Seats are limited so please sign up soon!  All sessions are listed in the link below.  Please read the description and choose the session that most interests you.

Click HERE to watch Mass and the sessions [to be shown for a limited time]

Click HERE to sign up for a session and to join us for Mass virtually REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

Share your thinking and photos of the day on Twitter and Instagram by tagging them #2022ACCE ! Let’s make #2022ACCE a trending topic on social media!


Join us for the exciting Service Awards portion after Mass.  We will be honoring the following:


 Michael “Mike” Amerino, St. Louis School

 Gilda Angle, St. Elizabeth School

 Kaycie Baltunado, Sacred Hearts Academy

 Ed Gelacio, Holy Family Catholic Academy

 Robbie Murakami, St. Louis School

 Kyle Nakaya, St. Louis School

 Malia Paulos, Holy Family Catholic Academy

 Clarie Thompson, Sacred Hearts Academy

 Sylvia Tsuda, Our Lady of Good Counsel School

 Robert Alapai, St. Joseph School, Hilo

 Vanessa Brovelli, Sacred Hearts School, Maui

 Sharon Darlene Chang, St. Anthony School, Kailua

 Wendy Coon, Sacred Hearts School, Maui

 Roxane Hoshide, St. Joseph School, Hilo

 Lilyana Koa, St. Anthony School, Maui

 Tonata Lolesio, Sacred Hearts School, Maui

 Allison Lum, St. John Vianney School

 Debbie Luna, Mary, Star of the Sea, School

 Frank Murao, St. Patrick School

 Tanya Pataray, St. Joseph School, Hilo

 Tom Popdan, Sacred Hearts School, Maui

 Danie Villena, St. Joseph School, Hilo

 Patricia Wurst, Sacred Hearts School, Maui




 Esther Amano, Our Lady of Good Counsel School

 Christopher Casupang, St. Louis School

 Donna Daligcon, Our Lady of Good Counsel School

 Matilda “Nellie” Enos, Our Lady of Good Counsel School

 Randy Fong, Sacred Hearts Academy

 Francis Fontanilla, Holy Family Catholic Academy

 Dr. Richard “Scotty” Gonsalves, St. Louis School

 Theresa “Teri” Nicolas, Our Lady Good Counsel School

 Louise Roman, Mary, Star of the Sea, ELC

 Elizabeth “Nani” Vegas, St. Louis School

 Sheryl Caldeira, St. John Vianney School

 Stella Kawa’auhau, St. Joseph School, Hilo

 Karen Nobuji, St. Patrick School

 Teri L. Tavares, St. Anthony School, Maui


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